By Neeraj M Mehra (Limca Book of Records Holder)

ONLINE or OFFLINE at Gurgaon

It all began in 2009 when we conducted our first Voice Over Training in a sound studio. Since then, we have completed over 180 Voice Over Trainings, with most of our students now successfully pursuing voice over jobs, either full-time or as an alternate career. Over 60% of the talent listed on our website have undergone training with us. You can check their profiles and even ask them about their experiences. The current voice trainers conducting workshops in Delhi and Mumbai also trained with us before starting their own ventures. By undergoing professional voice over training with us, you'll receive honest feedback on your voice over strengths and benefit from the support of India's largest voice over platform, VoiceArtistes.Com, where you can showcase your talent. Our website is highly searched both in India and abroad, and all listed talent receive paid voice over jobs.


Voice Artistes.Com brings you thoroughly practical Training on Voicing and Voice Modulation to be held in Sound Studio in Gurgaon

Date-Start from any day

Venue- Gurgaon or ONLINE
1500 per hour session or complete course of 10 sessions in 15000/-



1. Breathing Exercises for Proper Speech: Master diaphragmatic breathing techniques to support clear speech and voice projection.

2. Vocal Exercises for Strength: Strengthen vocal cords and muscles with various warm-ups and exercises.

3. Dubbing Movies: Learn the art of dubbing live-action films, focusing on synchronization and emotional expression.

4. Dubbing Animation Characters: Tackle the unique challenges of dubbing animated characters and matching lip-sync.

5. Voice Characterization: Adapt your voice to suit different character roles and emotions.

6. Types of Voiceovers: Explore various genres such as commercials, narration, video games, and more.

7. Diction and Pronunciation: Improve enunciation and pronunciation for crystal-clear speech.

8. Setting Up a Home Recording Studio: Get guidance on selecting microphones, audio interfaces, headphones, and creating a DIY vocal booth with acoustic treatment.

9. Recording Software: Learn industry-standard software like Reaper and Audacity for editing and recording.

10. Utilizing AI for Efficiency: Incorporate AI tools to expedite your voiceover work and enhance productivity

11. Online Profile Setup: Create an optimized online profile to showcase your skills and attract clients.

12. Client Acquisition and Profitability: Discover strategies for finding and retaining clients and setting competitive pricing.

13. Opportunity to Collaborate with VoiceArtistes.Com

14. Demo Creation on High-Quality Setup: Develop a professional voiceover demo reel using top-notch equipment and guidance.

And Much More...

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About Your Coach

I'm Neeraj M. Mehra, a voice artist, trainer, and the founder of VoiceArtists.Com. I am into Media since 1990's. Did my course in Video and Audio production then worked in Video and Audio studio as Editor. 2006, founded VoiceArtistes.com. My journey into the world of voice training began in 2009. The knowledge and skills I've gathered over the years, you'll have the opportunity to acquire in just 9 to 10 days. I'm excited to share my passion and expertise with you, helping you unlock your full potential in the exciting realm of dubbing and voiceovers.

For Details contact Mr. Neeraj M Mehra on voiceartistes@gmail.com or Call on +91 9811490380, Call Bhupesh Bhayana on 9971954474, or Rohit on 9999407818

Required from YOU - You should be Fluent in the language, Have your articulation basics right (correct pronunciation) Good Command over the language (read, write, speak, comprehend), Open Mind, quick learning ability, confident and motivated. Having some experience in dramatics, elocution, debating, singing really helps in throw of your voice. If your first preference is English make sure you speak graceful, polished elegant English, as this sells. If Hindi then it should be proper Hindi, no blends. Knowledge of any regional language is an asset.

All of our previous workshops pics and details on Facebook

Other Training Options

Training at Gurgaon with Neeraj M Mehra- Fees INR 1500/- per hour/session
Online on Zoom/Meet - Fees- INR 1500 per hour/session (1 on 1)
Our all Training contains your Voice Portfolio (Your profesisonal marketable voice demos)
For Details contact Mr. Neeraj M Mehra on voiceartistes@gmail.com or Call on +91 9811490380

Almost all of our participants are working as part time or full time voice over artiste.

A Few of our Previous participants. 
Sheeba- 94434 37094
Santosh-98470 88609
Cyril Paul- 99206 76610
Rajesh (tamil VO)- 99625 72518
Neena- 9873145617
Shouvik- 98105 53430
Anupriya Mittal- 7535004045
Ravi Kapoor- 98717 88400
Vrinda-84477 80322
Tressa Maria (Kannada VO)- 96201 33377
Shilpa Gupta- 98998 893836
Divya Meena (tamil VO)- 8861059345
Greeshma (Telugu VO)- 8886345452
Charu Shankar-92 131 33377
Rachna Aggarwal-9313121115
Rahul Hota-9945208637
Gaurav Mehta- 99117 55935
James D'Souza-8898953384
Dhanashree(Marathi VO)-9869173767
Kirti Chauhan-9311554445

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