Please email voiceartistes@gmail.com to book any of the comedians
India's best stand up comedian, won several Laughter competitions on National TV, and immensely experienced stand up Comedian, performed lot of shows. Book thru Mr. Neeraj. Ph 9811490380
Hindi Comedians Chiragwadhwani
Dr. Mashoor Gulati
He performs in perfect Dr Mashoor Gulati get uP of The Kapil Sharma Shows, non-stop comedy specialising in bollywood spoofs, and lots of entertaining stuff.
.Hindi Comedians Mashoor
Ehsaan Qureshi
Laughter Champion, an best Comedy Poet. Performed comedy & Kavi Sammelan. performed a lot of corporate shows, stand up comedy. Hindi Comedians Ehsaan
Nitin Anand
Laugher Champion, performed in many programmes of Star TV, COmedy Cirsus, Sony, Sab TV. Very Popular comedian in Live Shows. Economial Budget Hindi Comedians Nitinanand
Sunil Pal
Laughter Challenge Winner. Most Popular comedian in all over India and the world. Book Him for events. Hindi Comedians Sunil Pal
Pratap Fauzdar
Only Sikh Comedian and Poet who can make audience go in laughter splits in succession. Hindi Comedians Pratapfauzda
Sanjay Ventiroloquist, Gujarat, India
India's few ventiroloquist, who has perfomed in many shows with different puppets. Sanjay available for live shows. Contact Neeraj M Mehra. Hindi Comedians Sanjay
Dhir, Delhi, India
Dhir has performed on the variety of stage domestic and Aboard. Very comfortable in all northern Indian languages and has done end less shows such as:-
TV shows, Corporate events, Live Concerts, Comedy competitions, Kavi Sammellen, Star Nights, College fests, Dealers Meet, Lady sangeet, Weddings, Birthday bashes, Promotional projects. Very Reasonable under 18 K Hindi Comedians Dhir
Delhi Based Stand up Comedian, Mimicry Artist and Anchor under 10K budget. Profile on request Hindi Comedians Gagan

V. Chowdary, Gurgaon, India- Very economical comedian in Hindi who has won several Laughter competitions, performed inlot of shows.


Amit Poswal, Delhi, India - A complete entertainer, Heavy & light Comedy options.


Ranjan Sahu, Mumbai, India- Performed comedy & Mimicry shows with all big Bollywood stars, can imitate around 94 voices, performed a lot of corporate shows, stand up comedy.


Devendra Sabley, Pune, India- hosted many shows with mimicry & comedy items. 


Rahul Bindroo, Pune, India- Arranges shows and also do mimicry / comedy. Ph 91 contact


Sajid Anwar, Kolkata, India- With wacky comedy and witty one-liners he always keep the crowd upbeat. Anchored and performed in hundreds of shows the world over and a favorite for corporate houses. Ph


Som, Delhi, India-performed in India & Abroad, lots of mimicry & comedy items.


Shayan Chatterjee, Kolkata, India- an emcee with humour contact


Gaurav Chopra, Mumbai, India- Experienced SUC and Mimicry artiste, performed in lot of shows and Radio Shows. Ph-


Vijay Avasthi, Lucknow, India- combination of Magic, Music and Mimicry of more than 25 Film Stars


Dinesh, Delhi, India- contact


Paresh Somani, Indore, India- Won many open competitions of mimicry, Hosted many national shows-Contact


Hiren Trivedi, Rajkot, India- do differant voice like indian actord, cartoon and animals. contact


Saurabh Agrawal, Gujarat, India- perform in more than 40 voices contact


S.P.Singh, Abohar, India-45 years, performed many comedy shows and acted in many punjabi films as comedian, also do Punjabi shows. contact here


Shahnaweaz, Jaipur, India-23 years-performed in many stage shows, Can mimic &.sing songs in different voices. contact here


G V N Raju, Hyderabad, India-42 years, performing for last 22 years, very experienced- contact here


Sushil Rathod, Pune, India- 26 years, Performed lot of Dramas, mimicry items. contact here


Umang Katyal, Delhi, India-won many mimicry & stand up competitions, cam mimic lot of Hindi film stars.contact


Rahul Sharma, Amritsar, India- 24 years, performed lot of shows, many sound effects like of playing on music instruments (specially drum beats)and train effects, do mimicry items of lot of personalities. Contact Neeraj as above


Santosh B Ghadse, Mumbai. India- Specialist in Donald Duck, Actor Voices, Animal Voices, did shows with Johny Lever. Ph- contact


Latesh Sharma, Mumbai, India- experienced mimicry artiste and winner of many laughter shows. 


Santosh Kumar, Baroda, India- Simply Perfect Comedian and I also do magic items. Contact Neeraj Mehra for my no.


Vinesh Kumar, Bangalore, India- Mimicry of Film Stars and comedy Items. 

Mujahid Engineer, Delhi, India- I have lots of comedy items of film stars. Lots of other items


Ashok Sharma, Delhi, India- I have lots of comedy items, an experienced stand up comedian

Karan Popli, Hyderabad, India- 21 years, performed in more than 15 shows.

Rohit Mishra, Noida, India- perform mimicry of film stars & singers.

Gaurav Mahajan, Delhi, India- 26 years- do mimicry of 30 film actors and dance like 25 film actors. performed in many stage shows


Sudheerkant Saxena- Noida, India- 24 years, performed lot of shows of comedy & mimicry alone and with Mr Pradeep Pallavi


Karamvir Bhogal, Delhi, India- Very good at copying people. Also present live-host shows so as to entertain people.


Raju Srivastav, Mumbai, India- the king of comedy. Ph-


Deepu Srivastav, Mumbai, India- bother of Raju Srivastav, done 1000s of comedy shows.

Jimmy Moses-Mumbai, India- great comedian, brother of Johny Lever. Ph.


Gurpreet Ghuggi, Chandigarh, India- laughter champion of Comedy. Ph-


Pradeep Pallavi, Delhi, India- experienced and Laughter Challenge Participant. Ph-


Parag Kansara, Gujarat, India- one of the winner of Laughter Challenge


Dharsi Baredia, Gujarat, India- great stand up laughter challenge comedian. Ph-


Jay Chiniara- youngest laughter challenge comedian of India. Ph.


Dr Pradeep Mehta, Nainital, India- 5th in Zee Network Naqli No. 1, comedy show, experienced SUC. Ph-

Vicky Robin, Mumbai, India- Runners Up in Zee Network Naqli No. 1, comedy show, many new items with me. Ph-

Sachin Swami, Delhi, India, - Averstalie comedian with lots of situational items and jokes. Ph-


Majid Khan, Delhi, India- Situational Items and jokes with a difference. Ph-


Sanket Jain, Rajasthan, India- Talented full of humour with new village items, well suited to your budget. Ph.

Mathew George, Pune, India- can mimic 200 voices, lots of fun stuff
with me. Ph.

Afsar Raza , Mumbai, India- U.P based Laughter artist. Perform Lots of shows all over India. Ph.

Anas Fasih, Delhi, India- perform items with more than 72 voices, a
great stuff. Ph.

Sameer Jadhav, Mumbai, India-love to mimic people,try to mimic
different voices on d phone to make all laugh n enjoy life. Ph.

Basavaraja, Bangalore, India- got 7 items in dogs, cats and music
instruments, also perform in South Indian Languages. Ph.

Vikas Pratap Dhanwade, Thane, India- won many mimicry competitions. Ph.

Aamil Khan, Kolkata, India- doing stand up comedy shows for the past 2 years, won many competitions. Ph.

Mani, Chennai, India- imitate more then 125 voices, Tamil artists, and some cricket players, and Hindi artists, performed in many TV shows. Ph.

Shanker Bakshi, Panchkula, India- performed lot of shows in Hindi & Punjabi. Ph.

Dileep Tiwari, Ghaziabad, India- done many stage shows in ghaziabad, lucknow, kanpur, can mimic more than 50 voices. Ph.

Praveen Dhutraj, Ambernath, India- Have done stage shows, Anchoring, Stand up comedy & mimicry. Ph.

Akhilesh Rai, Uttarakhand, India- Performed more than 50 shows, a
Laugther Challenge Participant.Ph.

Sohan Chauhan, Delhi, India- Doing Shows since one year, can mimic lot
of voices too. Ph.

Rajiv Sangoi, Pune, India- Performed at various shows during college,
open for TV Shows.Ph.

Kishan Ranga, Mumbai, India- experienced mimicry and comedy artist. Ph.

Rohit Sawant, Pune, India- Have won The best Mimicry award in FIRODIYA KARANDAK(inter collegiate event - Pune level) twice in a row in '05 and '06. Have done Voice overs for two marathi mandals which included the voice of circuit form munnabhai fame.

Ramesh Manglani, Indore, India - Homorous Script Writing and Presentation.

Rophit, Pune, India-Have won The best Mimicry award in FIRODIYA KARANDAK(inter collegiate event - Pune level) twice in a row in '05 and '06. Have done Voice overs for two marathi mandals which included the voice of circuit form munnabhai fame.

Sajid Anwar, Kolkata, India- Performed live with Great Indian Laughter Challenge Finalists. Blessed with wonderful voice and a great sense of humor he really takes the total control over the show.

Devdutt, Jaipur, India- A laughter challenge participant

Ameet Kumar Agarwal, Bangalore, India- associated with theatre; acted in many stage & street plays.

Ashutosh Dikshit, Bangalore, India-winner of the South Zone mimicry competition and do a variety of voices including politicians, filmstars, sportstars and singers. I also do my own scripts of stand up comedy.

Maqbool Nisar, Mumbai, India- can make many kind of voices but its very easy to make voice to me Any Artiste who have Heavy Base.

Gaurav Modi, Bikaner, India- won an award in rajasthan patrika laughter show of rajasthan

Sushil Khatak, Chandigarh, India- 8 year Exp. with voice .. as well as With Stage

Lucky, Alwar, India- do lot of actors & also actresses mimicry. participated in many shows like college event and I want a good platform where I perform & make a place

Prashant Nautiyal, Delhi, India- comedy on stage paging for products and schemes

Manish Shah, Dehradun, India- performing stage shows since 1996 as mimicry artist in orchestras & big events I have done 104 shows till now.

Swapnil Prabhakar Bendekar, Mumbai, India- I am able to speak out as a Donald duck cartoon. I have a very good base voice for Donald Duck.

Tarun Nagar, Ahmedabad, India-, done singing with musical orchestra since 15 years. I have also done mimicry programme over stage shows. Ph.

Ashish Chaubey, Delhi, India- Mimicry of many New & Old Bollywood stars.

Amitabh Shrivastav, Hazaribag, India- got First prize for mimicry in east zone national youth festival, anchored various stage shows and also have the experience of lending voice overs to mythological characters, performed in new year programme for patna doordarshan, won best performer award in the ETV Bihar show 'CAMPUS'

Gurnam Singh, Delhi, India- Mimic in different accent, mouth organ from mouth, lot of comedy items with me.

Amit Sharma, Delhi, India- lot of bollywood stars and cartoon charaters in my throat.

Prabhash, Delhi, India- mimic actors of bollywood, performed at college level and hav won prizes.

Prashant Joshi, Delhi, India-performed mimicry on stage during college and company functions. I am also a good singer and can mimic the voices of singers like udit narayan, kishore kumar, sukhvinder singh

Kamal Kumar, Meerut, India- a perfect mimicry artiste.

Ashwani Baunthiyal, Dehradun, India- Mimicry artiste and mimicry singer of almost all bollywood.

Sachin Hooda, Faridabad, India- Mimicry artiste and stand up comedian

Neeraj Kumar Shukla, Delhi, India- Mimicry and comedy items consisting 40 bollywood stars.

Nadim Mansuri, Mumbai, India- only person in India who plays Guitar from mouth, complete songs.

Chandrakant, Faridabad, India- Mimicry artiste and stand up comedian, lot of new comedy items up my sleeve.

Gaurav Mehta, Delhi, India- RJ with lot of mimicry items I have recorded recently

Anand L. Aseri, Chennai, India- peformed at lot of comedy and laughter shows.

Najaf Haider, Bihar, India- more than 30 animals voices an 20 other voices like machines born baby etc, performed at national level and awarded by prizes

Richard Crankshaw, New York, USA -Dick Crankshaw's versatility is unheard of in the Voice over industry. He is one of those, "Man of 1000 voices guys". He has the ability to imitate or mimic just about any voice that comes his way.

Deepak Singh Kushwaha, Indore, India- done local shows as an anchor, mimicry artist in collge days

Ranjan Tiwary, Delhi, India- I have performed several times on stage as comperer & Mimicry artist. I have heavy voice quality.

Prince C S Sethi, Mumbai, India-Hosted shows on Radio City 91 Fm, voiced shows for Air India , Sahara FILMY channel ,Dubbed for Amitabh Bachchan in Reid n Taylor ,countless no. of character voicing, expert in doing Amitabh Bachchan, Saif ali khan , Ajit , Pran, Jeevan , Feroz khan , Javed Jaffery , Laloo and many more.

Saurabh Dhaka, Delhi, India- Mimic more than 70 voices, Ist prize in zonal festival of MDU (HARYANA)

Gaurav Srivastava, Allahabad, India- A compelte Entertainer, lot of comedy Items with me.

Bhupesh Sharma, Delhi, India- mimic all bollywood, can make any type of voice, even of certain animals and females with great accuracy.

Harsh Nandan Sharma, Gwalior, India- do comedy in 36 voices.

Amit Sharma, Delhi, India- performed in many shows with mimicry with sounds of amitabh bachhan, nana patekar, sanjay dutt, dharmender, sunny deol, arshad warsid, new born baby and many more

Sumit Mathur, Meerut, India- do lot of impressions with expressions

Sushant S. Mohan, Delhi, India- I have given many stage performances.

Amit Dudeja, Panipat, India- can create humour in every situation, lot of mimicry too.

Azhar, Delhi, India- I had given my best for many institution party like New Year Party, Diwali Celebration, school Program also.

The one man entertainer who can go on and on with his comedy, mimicry, live hosting, bollywood get up, magician, game show anchor, antakshari and online comedy show. 15 years experienced. 100% Superhit Show or Money Refund. Book him on 9811490380Hindi Comedians SK
Live Band/Orchestra for Live Shows, Singing
Hindi Comedians Band
Get Live band/Orchestra for Singing shows, bollywood nites, events, recordings. Complete range of skilled musicians, Highly experienced orchestra peformed with many bollywood stars....Anywhere, Anytime....video on Link1.....Link2
Saxophone Player
Hindi Comedians Saxophone
Book Kenny G style Saxophone Player for Musical Nites, soothing music nite, Hi class shows, with band or without band. see video....Link 1 ....Link 2
Gaurav Sharma
With wacky comedy and witty one-liners he always keep the crowd upbeat. India's best Laughter Artiste, performed in thousands of shows the world over and a favorite for corporate houses. Hindi Comedians Gaurav Sharma
Samay, Delhi, India

Hindi Comedians Samay

Low Price but big shot Comedy. Looking for brand new hindi comedy, unheard items, jokes, book Samay..... Video Link

Anil, Delhi, India

Hindi Comedians Anil

Anil is a ventiroloquist. He performs with muppets. Very famous with kids and adults with this unique act. If you want something unique for your show, hire him. He has performed on many TV Channels but still has the lowest price tag in Delhi. Contact us to book him

Junior Prem Chopra
Looks exactly like Prem Chopra. performed in India & Abroad, lots of mimicry & comedy items. Hindi Comedians Juiniorprem
Most Popular Hindi Comedian of India. Have been on major TV shows in India. Will make audience Split in laughs all through his show. Hindi Comedians Surinder
Brilliant Comedian who has his own original scripts, jokes and one liners you have never heard of. Has done world tous with many film stars.Hindi Comedians Rajeev
Bharat Thanvi
Stand Up Comedian from Mumbai, with experience of many shows and within budget of under 6K. Hindi Comedians BharatkumarThanv
Stand Up Comedian and Anchorfor your shows under 8K Hindi Comedians Sajan
Abhinav, Mumbai, India
Very Entertaining Anchor and Comedian who can entertain the crowd for 2 hours or more. Most humble person who never says NO to work. Budget- under 6K Hindi Comedians Abhinav
Gutthi, India
Gutthi- the most famous character of Comedy nights with Kapil available for ONLINE comedy shows. Click on PROFILE to see details.
Hindi Comedians Gutthi
Total 914 comedians
in our Database
The above list is not exhaustive, for more Stand Up Comedians for Budget 3000 INR onwards and for any language contact Neeraj M Mehra on voiceartistes@gmail.com or call 91 9811490380


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