Voice Over Artistes - Gujarati
Sharma Ji, Delhi, India
A voice with authority. This is the voice for all your audio needs in Hindi, Gujati.............
Trivedi, Ahmedabad, India
An experienced voice artiste and Native of Gujarat. He is the voice for all your audio needs......
Apoorv, Delhi, India
Very experienced VO artiste for Gujarati Language. Click on Demos for details.......
Harsha, Ahmedabad, India
Experienced native Gujarati Voice Over Artiste. Completed may VO assignments.......
Shailesh, Vadodara, India
Highly experienced and Professional Native Gujarati translator and vo artiste at reasonable prices............
Leena Pandey, Allahabad, India
An ex- RJ from Gujarat and now a full time Voice Over Artiste. Working with number of e-learning and IVR Companies in Hindi and Gujarati. Have my Professional Home recording setup.......
Rashmik, Delhi, India
Native Gujarati, Skilled, Trained and experienced VO with clear diction, clear speech, versatility of emotions for all kinds of audio..........
Bhavika, India
has been a professional female voice talent for 5 years now for Gujarati. With versatility, intelligence, and a great voice to every session. Quality voice over files is turned around quickly and efficiently, with most projects being delivered within 12 - 24 hours and often the same day!..........
Rajshree, Delhi, India
All India Radio Translator and Voice Over Artiste. Working with number of e-learning and IVR Companies for Gujarati.
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